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Matt WoodsHi, I’m Matt Woods, I’m 29, and I’m a proud Western Australian. I’m currently a freelance Website Developer/Designer, and I’ve spent significant portion of my career in Web Design & Development, but I’ve also have Project Management experience with managing website projects, and the Perth Observatory’s effects at Astrofest 2015 & the Shire of Kalamunda’s Worlds Largest Astronomy Lesson successful attempt.

I’m a graduate of ECU where I was heavily involved in my uni club. For two years I worked for First4Farming Australia Pty Ltd, a B2B company where I worked on Collaborative inventory data exchange applications. I love working on really creative websites as I found it’s a great way for me to release my creative energies. I love going that extra mile and finding new jQuery code to add to my websites. I’m also a bit OCD when it comes to writing my code.

I love watching and playing sports mainly AFL, Cricket, Gridiron and Soccer but I also enjoy the usual stuff like going out with my friends, watching movies, and world domination (Just kidding). I do like gaming (cardboard or electronic), and while I can be a bit competitive when it comes to gaming I’m human enough to admit in Quake Online my place is being cannon fodder.


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